Here you see my friend Lhamo and I.
We met in Lhasa, Tibet, where he was part of Save the Children's education team.
I told him, that I'd really like to have a tibetan stamp, but I didn't know how to go about it.
He said he would think about it, as it should be based on a word that somehow links with my name. 

When we met again, Lhamo came up with a proposal that really took me by surprise. He suggested a word, which means 'the best of light' or 'the brightest light'.

As I have had some comments,  from some other friends, about the light in my paintings, I was very amazed about his suggestion and immediately agreed to it.

Here you see the word / stamp, which means 'the best of light' or 'the brightest light'.

Malipo county, Yunnan 2016

During our trip to Malipo, we visited the school in Tianbao, a town on the China - Vietnam border.
We got a tour of the school including the music and art facilities.

Commenting on some of the works. The art teacher (in grey t-shirt) did the amazing traditional Chinese plum blossom painting.

I did a piece the Chinese way - picture and text - about the wonderful dandelion and its resilience.

Jingshan Park, Beijing 2015

Fortunately we met the Beijing Red Sox again

Beijing, 2015

Lin Feng and her 'grandmother' Zhang Jiyan have given me a Chinese stone stamp. Here they are demonstrating how to use it correctly.
The use of stone stamps is a very ancient Chinese tradition, which has some do and don't e.g. there is a mark on the side where to put your right hand thump in order not to get it upside down.

Café Accordion Lhasa - Tibet 2013

Here I'm in good company of Man and her husband Pasang - and Lin as well, she has been an indispensable translator.

Man & Pasang currently run 4 cafe / bakery / restaurants in Lhasa. They put an emphasis on traditional bread and food, made with quality grain and their personal 'twist'. It's very tasty!

Here Man and I are talking about the painting "Man - in the Café", with a little help from Lin

Ole, my brother-in-law, presenting the unfinshed "Man - in concert I" painting to Man, October 2013.

Anette and Man holding the finished "Man - in concert I" painting

Vocational training - Tibet 2013

Hi Dear Orla Nikkelsen and your lovely wife


The weather is become so cold and sunlight has not warm enough now even day time.  Most of people here looks quite busy and running here and there. Member of our staffs also very busy and working and doing something by our best.  But the cold weather make us feel so cold and doesn’t let us work hard.  Never mind we can survive and life at least few years.  How about you and the weather in Denmark in these days, must be beautiful and everything goes well as your interesting.

Here I just like to send you some of picture related with Orla’s drawing what you let me share with Vocational Education teachers in Tibet. Hope you like them to receive and share them with your friends while you go to somewhere.

That is for today from your sincerely Penba

Photo by Penba